South Beach Recycling the OFFICIAL story

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South Beach Recycling

10422543_788698701189412_9145323924092225307_nSouth Beach recycling

South Beach Recycling consist of two twin brothers, Sergio and Rosi Fernandez, originally heavily involved in the launch of the NYC Disco and Hip Hop scenes.

Originally hailing from the Bronx the twins started young throwing  block parties at the one end of Sedgwick Avenue, unfortunately it was the opposite to Kool Herc, and thus were not fantastically attended, however it gave the boys exposure and more importantly chance to practise on there uncle Daves almost defunct sound systemDJ-Kool-HercPhoto of the boys trying to get the system going while Uncle Dave fiddles with the Amp (which on this rare occasion he did fix, however everyone had buggered of to Kool Hercs party by then, down the street).

On one rare occasion the boys got the sound system going somebody claiming to be Fab Five Freddys long lost brother (also called) Dave heard the boys and approached them to be…

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