Bad Barbie (midnight riot) does Hold Tight Boogie, a Hold Tight Radio podcast


With our alter-ego South Beach Recycling reaching out across the disco world we are making a lot of new friends…… None more so than the Souths notorious Bad Barbie.

This crazy woman is making major ripples on the re-edit scene alongside her partner Evil Smarty, being commissioned by the likes of the legendary Greg Wilson for exclusives as well as hitting the disco charts on the Midnight Riot label, as well as her fantastic weekly show on Kane FM so we thought we better grab her before she hits the stratosphere.

This mix is exclusively for Hold Tight! WE ARE HONOURED!

Heres a little bit about the girl……..

Hi Bad Barbie here I eat, sleep, breathe, love, play and make Bad Beats. I am currently involved in a heavy love affair with re-edit’s, mashups, beats and bootlegs but my boyfriend reggae is cool with that !
You can get some Live Love here x
Thursday 1-3pm
Thursday 4-6pm

Bad Barbie burst on to the scene playing her unique style, a special blend of Disco re-edits, Funk, House and Reggae. She quickly established herself on the music scene and is now widely regarded as the First Lady of Nu-Disco and The Queen of Re-edits. She really is a star performer in promoting the world of retro re-edits & bootlegs , which is currently bubbling away in the u.k. underground. Known for her Bad Barbie Radio Show on Kane FM where her love of music and lively personality really get a chance to shine. Her love of music and energetic personality are infectious as she always champions new, up and coming artists, this is her niche finding great new music that keeps the Bad Barbie Army listening every week. This energy translates well into her live gigs from clubs to bars to festivals her fantastic selection is guaranteed to pack the dance floor and keep it that way.

Evil smarty is co producer on all these x and we dj together regularly
here are my releases x “can’t get enough acid “ and “get it”(no.1) made a special version for greg wilson
The disco seen? currently no.1 in reggae 2, in disco
working on an official solo project an ep of remixes for Black Milk Music gigs.
Resident Milk Bar Reading x played Global Reggae bar Ibiza, Guilfest, Egg club, Big chill Brick lane’ Mcqueens shoreditch


About holdtightboogie

Soul Funk Disco Boogie Jazz and relative groove type bunch of nutters
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