Craig Smith’s Hip Hop Project “Soul Searching Vol 1” Finally our on vinyl only #hiphop #instrumental #dilla

June 2018, on vinyl, we finally released “Soul Searching Vol. 1” courtesy of Craig Smith and Andrew McGroaty under their new production moniker “Sound Signals”, inspired by their love of soul, vintage drum machines, MPC’s & Jay Dilla.

“The sense of funky detail woven by Craig Smith/Signal sounds imagines the world of patchwork Hip Hop as made famous by No-ID & Dilla… Incredibly soulful very warm with a bounce in the beat” Femi Fem (Young Disciples)

Craig Smith is a OG. coming back to his roots of chopping samples and adding drums with an ear that has been trained and sensiblilized for the soulful boom bap 30 years in the making. Classic golden era break ya neck shit. Marcel Vogel (Lumberjacks In Hell)

available across the globe in places like this (and check all the tracks)


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