Lo-Key, YOUGOODTHING, Illicit Grooves and other shenanigans (worth a listen)

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Breaking news, Pete le Freq finds stuff down the back of his sofa (pound coins and used rizla packets not included), Bandcamp only…… we recommend :)


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Radio South Beach December NOW UP!

Tunes up from Cody Currie, Berlin House Music, Crackazat, Local Talk Records, Jad and the Ladyboy, Toytonics, Mushroom Jazz, Joe Claussell, Stevie Wonder.

Spread the word we ain’t back till next year, happy hols!


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Now up on #traxsource!


As played by Terry Farley, Dj Harvey, Hifi Sean! (honest those really did happen)

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Change – Heaven (SBR rework for Alpaca Edits)

Last track from the new EP, check the last two posts for the tracks, Download instructions on the Soundcloud guys 🙂

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The Intruders – I’ll always love my mama (South Beach Recycle)

Another track from the new ALPACA EDITS ep the boys did Link to buy on the Soundcloud.

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SBR launch an EP! (only about 7 months late then)

So these guys (who have nothing to do with us at all, not in any way, whatever, really) have been stuck in a studio somewhere near beach but have been surprisingly quiet of late.

This has been due to the Sun being out and one of them throwing an artistic paddy that the work just wasn’t good enough (there was also a major clamp down on the edit scene so keeping there heads down seemed like a good idea.

But this is the first of many new bits of work, with further eps scheduled for Masterworks Music and Black Riot Records showing a houser side, Monkey Tennis is the bridge between the classic edits SBR are known for and the new direction some of there ideas are taking.

Links are available on there soundcloud heres track 1, a rework of the classic Arthur Adams jazz funk masterpiece “You got the floor” that the boys were told to release by none other than Terry Farley (he was having a major allergic reaction to the boys cat collection at the time though) and was then passed straight on to DJ Harvey himself.

Enjoy 🙂

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