Talented Friends

Andy Sharp writing about something we have nothing (ahem…) to do with , honest guvnor


I met Gary Ellis whilst DJing at Bob Povey’s 50th B’Day (get well soon mate), we’ve always bumped into each other at gigs mainly Southport where we seemed to be watching the same DJ’s/Acts, little did I know the talent he had for editing tracks. Its always hard to critique friends music for fear of upsetting them. Gary sent me a track he had done under the guise of South Beach Recycling I panicked , it was so good I played it on my show the following weekend. since then the disco loving SBR has started to fly getting better and better with each edit resulting in his first EP “midnight riot” available now.

“light sabre” is real feel nice disco/bongo enthused uplifting mover, “he’s alright” is an edit of the staple singers “slippery people” one that ill be playing out for a long time. “love anybody” is a edit of Rim and Kasa”…

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