The Guvnor TERRY FARLEY Jan 31st in a pub in Dorset



Ok so we are known for our disco, and the less educated think this man is known for his House, and you would be right, but being the man behind the legendary HAPPY DAYS compilations and a veteran of the Jazz-Funk Disco scene we had to get him down…

After the massive successes of our parties including Horse Meat Disco & Paul Trouble Anderson Terry Farley has agreed to come down to our little pub and spin a selection going through from Disco to Jazz Funk to House……in the back room, on an oversized Function One sound system… we do.

Joining him behind the decks will be:

Chris Wheatley (Jazz Juice)
Jon Coomer (Bump n Hustle)
Rob Adams (Emotive)
and Gary Ellis (South Beach Recycling/Midnight Riot).

This aint about standing round nodding, waiting for the latest deep house cut and looking moody…this is about getting absolutely tatted in a pub and listening to the greatest people playing the greatest music to the greatest people on the greatest system we can find….in short its a party.

Tickets are going out the door at £8 and it will be a tenner on the door unless you can blag your way onto the concessions list


tickets available click here


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Soul Funk Disco Boogie Jazz and relative groove type bunch of nutters
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