Paul Trouble Anderson…. The evidence


Legendary doesn’t even cover it. Mr Paul Trouble Anderson took us to new heights on the 29th of November 2014 in a little pub called The Brit just outside of Bournemouth near The famous Sandbanks beaches.

With a Funktion One system installed those who came witnessed this leviathan of the UK dance music scene tear the residents a new arsehole and showed us truly how it should be done with a couple of cdjs and a mixer….nothing more to say but a huge thank you. photos below.

7F3A0831 7F3A0834 7F3A0839 7F3A0857 7F3A0860 7F3A0861 7F3A0871 7F3A0889 7F3A0891 7F3A0897 7F3A0904 7F3A0912 7F3A0915 7F3A0918 7F3A0926 7F3A0944 7F3A0953 7F3A0959-Edit-Edit 7F3A0963-Edit 7F3A0970-Edit-Edit 7F3A0977 7F3A0984 7F3A0993 7F3A1000 7F3A1002 7F3A1006-Edit 7F3A1010 7F3A1016 7F3A1035 7F3A1042 7F3A1050 7F3A1051 7F3A1054 7F3A1067 7F3A1068 7F3A1078 7F3A1083 7F3A1085 7F3A1094 7F3A1097-2 7F3A1097 7F3A1099 7F3A0675 7F3A0676 7F3A0679 7F3A0681 7F3A0682 7F3A0696 7F3A0702 7F3A0703 7F3A0705 7F3A0708 7F3A0715 7F3A0719 7F3A0721 7F3A0722 7F3A0723 7F3A0724 7F3A0725 7F3A0727 7F3A0729 7F3A0731 7F3A0741 7F3A0757 7F3A0763 7F3A0767 7F3A0772 7F3A0775 7F3A0776 7F3A0778 7F3A0786 7F3A0791 7F3A0797 7F3A0802 7F3A0804 7F3A0805 7F3A0807 7F3A0811 7F3A0815-Edit 7F3A0816 7F3A0822 7F3A0824


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Soul Funk Disco Boogie Jazz and relative groove type bunch of nutters
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