This Saturday in Bournemouth 50 Shades of House 1st Birthday


50 Shades of House, Bournemouths latest home for the soulful stuff turns 1 this Saturday 5th July at Hamptons Club, Exeter Rd.

This party has brought you the likes of CJ Macintosh and Neil Pearce, both cornerstones of the UK House scene, in the past and with residents such as Bob Povey of Bump N Hustle and Dj Joolz (allegedly Sy Sez from Soul Heavens fav female DJ) as residents the parties always go off.

The Club itself resembles a scaled down replica of the notorious Djoon nightclub in paris and has a KV2 Soundsystem that is reputedly the best in the town to deliver the goods.

If you love Soulful house and a seriously friendly crowd we cannot recommend this party enough!

Event details here:

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