Red Bull Music Academy Larry Levan Street Party NYC full stream!

511_Larry Levan Street PartyWe freely admit we have completely ripped this from the Redbull Music Academy Blog regarding an already legendary party that was streamed across the globe from right outside the front door of 84 King Street NY
C, a block that for a day was changed to “Larry Levan Way”, as 84 King St was originally known as The Paradise Garage……

We weren’t at this party, we were stuck in the UK sat in separate houses tied down by our loving wifes who were allowing us to dip in and out of the live streams to soak up the atmosphere chatting online and getting on our spouses nerves.

It was amazing that something like this could happen, and for a little while I wished (yet again…..and actually I do this all the time) I wished I was a New Yorker.

The streamed are at the bottom of the article, It needs to be put on loud in the sun at a BBQ, in fact we may just do this soon, if you know where we live please join us 🙂

Through his legendary residency at New York’s Paradise Garage, Larry Levan elevated DJing to an artform and provided the soundtrack to one of the most fertile moments in the history of dance music. Levan’s sessions throughout the ’80s at the Garage were dubbed “Saturday Mass,” an acknowledgement that – to many – going to the club was a weekly ritual of the upmost importance.

As part of the local initiative to rename King Street Larry Levan Way, the Red Bull Music Academy paid tribute to the legacy of Levan on May 11th, 2014 with a larger-than-life block party. Shutting down the street section between Varick and Hudson, thousands flocked to gather in front of the former Paradise Garage building for a day-long celebration that made waves across the globe. Thousands more followed the live stream online, as long-standing Levan associates François Kevorkian, David DePino and Joey Llanos (with a special guest performance from Jocelyn Brown) guided the masses through an afternoon of pioneering house music, and shared and imagined memories of an unforgettable night club and its one true maestro.

Visit to find out more about the party on May 11.

The petition to co-name a part of King Street Larry Levan Way is still in full swing and can be signed here. Make it last forever!

The archive of Paradise Garage membership cards – old and new – that were scanned at the Larry Levan Street Party on May 11th can be found here.

For an overview of all Red Bull Music Academy Festival New York events, as well as info on ticketing, visit:


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