Dj Harvey, the edit god, plays for anything around 6 hours at a time, owner of his own art gallery, producer, remixer, head of Black Cock records, still throwing the illegal ‘SARCASTIC’ parties in Los Angeles and getting away with it with a flat refusal to be pidgeon holed into a genre….but a lover of boogie underground disco and proper deep house.


Previously resident at the Ministry of Sound when it first opened bringing larry levan to the UK for the first time blah bla blah…… if you want to know more do your research he is a very interesting individual with a very entertaining story.

The essential mix linked above is from 1998 and sounds like it was from yesterday and includes sme classic harvey edits such as Pleasure by Joyous and some amazing little DTrain Music edit i still havent managed to get hold of.

One of the greatest living Englishmen of our time, Harvey we salute you.


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1 Response to Dj Harvey, a classic essential mix from Englands greatest ever DJ

  1. Thanks for sharing. Thought provoking read. Feel free to share your inspirational posts at Godinterest (the Pinterest for Christians). God Bless Your Ministry

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