Horse meat Disco @ The Boiler Room Red Stripe Party

What can we say about these guys? Complete heroes and have been pushing Disco and Boogie for what seems like an age, some of the originals out of the London Gay seen now hitting the mainstream Globally playing regularly from NYC to Japan as well as keeping there feet on the ground with regular parties in London and a few highly recommended compilations that can be found here:

Below the vid of the boys rocking the red stripe party in 2013 you can find most of the track list….but to be honest we took it from the Youtube feed so don’t blame us if its wrong. turn it up and feel the party kids!

PS if you wanna book em get in touch with Ali Tillet from Warm @ Elastic artists here, you won’t be disappointed  :

1Wired for Games/CBrand


3Dance Dance Dance/Marta Acuna

4Don’t Stop/Ish

5Salsa Rhapsody/Modern Romance


7I Need You/Sylvester

8Keep Her Happy (Kenny Dope)/Philip Wright

8Reasons to Be Cheerful Part 3/Ian Dury and Blockheads


10Welcome to Our World of Merry Music/Mass Production 11?

12I’m Ready/Kano

13Victim/Candi Stanton


About holdtightboogie

Soul Funk Disco Boogie Jazz and relative groove type bunch of nutters
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